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Microneedling hair restoration in Memorial Houston, TX

Microneedling hair restoration in Houston, TX
Microneedling hair restoration in Memorial Houston, TX

Microneedling for hair loss or restoration involves rolling a roller with fine, tiny needles across the scalp to create micro wounds. The tiny needles penetrate just into the upper portion of the layer of skin where the hair follicle lies.

The small tiny punctures on the scalp can help stimulate blood flow and collagen production. They also create microchannels or micro-wounds that enable topical treatments applied to the scalp to be more effective. Topical treatments are better absorbed into the scalp for better results.

It can potentially make thinning hair start thickening up, putting it into an active growth phase and making the hair stronger, longer, and darker in color.

Microneedling for hair restoration can also cause the scalp to release platelets and hair growth factors in the treatment areas. This help to thicken the existing hair. The treatment thickens thin hairs and makes them get back to their normal, healthy state.

What Is a hair restoration treatment for Hair Loss?

Microneedling for hair loss is a hair restoration procedure that uses a handheld device to puncture the skin. These tiny holes in the skin allow for the absorption of dermal fillers and other substances and stimulate your body’s healing process.

How is the microneedling hair restoration treatment process performed?

The process is performed by a professional or medspa provider in a sterile environment, and it takes just one session. This means you can expect to see results quickly after your first treatment.

The micro-needling procedure is simple: the professional or medspa provider uses a device with multiple needles to make tiny punctures in the scalp. These punctures will leave small tunnels for hair follicles to grow through, creating new growth that looks natural and healthy.

Micro-needling is a non-invasive process that helps to stimulate the growth of new hair. The process involves inserting tiny needles into the skin and then moving them back and forth to create microchannels in the skin. These micro-channels allow for increased blood flow to the hair follicles, which may help promote quicker growth and increase collagen production.

Benefits of Microneedling Hair Restoration Treatment

It is a minimally invasive process that creates tiny microchannels in the skin. The skin is then able to absorb and distribute nutrients more efficiently, resulting in the following benefits:

1. Increased hair growth rate

New hair restoration treatment techniques are now available to increase hair growth rates for both men and women. Micro-needling hair restoration is a medical procedure where tiny needles are used to puncture the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

2. Reduced hair loss

A hair restoration treatment procedure can be good for you if you are suffering from androgenic alopecia, balding hair, or total hair loss. This gives the impression of more volume and more hair. The treatment results in new hair growth as well.

3. Increased hair density, thickness, and length

Microneedling hair restoration treatment increases hair density, thickness, and length. The number of existing hair follicles doubles in hair restoration treatment. The depth of living follicles increases. Hair becomes fuller and denser. The size of the existing hair gets longer. Hair doesn’t come back in right away.

After the hair is destroyed, it takes 6-12 months for the hair to grow back.

4. The improved coloration of existing hairs

It is used to improve the coloration of existing hairs, break up the blockages in the hair follicles, and improve blood flow to the hair follicles. This treatment can be used for those with naturally thin or fine hair to make it appear thicker.

It can also be used to enhance hair color and overall scalp appearance.

How to Prepare for Microneedling Hair Restoration

To make sure your microneedling hair restoration treatment procedure is as safe and effective as possible, it’s essential to prepare.

  • Be sure that you are not allergic to the numbing cream. If you are, then do not use it. You can also use ice instead of numbing cream—it works just as well, but be sure to take care when removing the ice so that you don’t hurt yourself!
  • Decide ahead of time how much blood or ink loss you’re willing to tolerate during the procedure; this will help make sure nobody feels like they’re going overboard while doing their part in the team effort required for this type of project (see below).
  • It’s also intelligent to tell everyone else what kind of pain tolerance limits they need for they not to feel bad about themselves later down.

What to Expect During a Microneedling Hair Restoration Treatment in Hoston, TX

For those nervous about microneedling hair restoration treatment, there’s no need to worry. The process is usually quick and painless.

Here is what you can desire during your first round of microneedling:

  • Your practitioner will cleanse your skin and apply numbing cream to reduce discomfort from the needles. They may even apply an anesthetic to ensure you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.
  • The needles should be inserted into your skin in straight lines or cross 0-1 mm apart (this depends on how much damage your skin needs). It usually takes no more than 5 minutes per area being treated—and since there are multiple areas on the face, one session will take around 15 minutes total, max!
  • Afterward, they’ll apply ice packs or cooling gel packs to help reduce swelling and redness—and you may be able to see some results right away!

Side effects of hair restoration treatment on the head

  • Redness and swelling
  • Scabbing and bruising
  • Skin discoloration
  • Scarring and injury to the scalp. Micro-needling can cause damage to the skin, including
  • infection, which is more likely if you have an open wound or a weak immune system
  • allergic reaction
  • hypersensitivity
  • skin irritation
  • hair loss due to trauma or infection

Recovery and Aftercare

Hair transplant surgery is usually accomplished on an outpatient basis. The average recovery time is around a week, but this can vary depending on the patient and the procedure performed.

Most patients can perform retrieval to work within one week after their procedure and should avoid strenuous activity for at least four weeks post-op. During this time, you mustn’t come into contact with direct sunlight or extreme heat (such as saunas).

You may also want to avoid swimming until your hair starts growing back in—this helps reduce the chances of infection or ingrown hairs caused by exposure to chlorine water or saltwater.

What is the average cost of Microneedling hair restoration in Memorial Houston, Tx?

How much does Microneedling Hair Restoration cost in Houston, TX
How much does Microneedling Hair Restoration cost in Houston, TX

The average cost of hair restoration treatment in Houston, TX, is $600 per session. If you are looking for coverage over an entire head of hair, this will cost around $1200.

For a half charge of hair treatment, which is recommended for people with thinning hair or those interested in trying the process in Medspa before committing to complete coverage treatment, the cost is $500.


Is microneedling permanent for hair?

It is a temporary treatment for hair loss and baldness. While it does not fix the underlying cause of your hair loss, it can make you look better in the short term by making your scalp appear healthier and fuller.

Who could benefit from microneedling for hair restoration?

Individuals dealing with hair loss or thinning or who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia can benefit from microneedling for hair restoration.

Treatment for hair restoration treatment can be used to restore thinning hairs and make them fuller, stronger, and thicker.

People with no hair in a particular area or on the entire scalp aren’t going to see significant results with this treatment. The reason is that the bulbs of the hair follicles, which receive signals to form new hairs and grow them out of the scalp, may not be producing hair, or they might have died.

Treatment increases the density of existing hair. It doesn’t stimulate the growth of new hair follicles.

If you have a bald head, hair restoration treatment may not be beneficial to you. Hair transplant surgery may be a more beneficial option for you.

How often should you microneedle for hair growth?

You should be microneedling your scalp at least once a week. It is best to keep the needles at a depth of between 0.5mm and 1.0mm, depending on your hair thickness, but you can go as deep as 1.5mm if you use longer needles.

How long does scalp microneedling last?

The results of a hair loss treatment will vary from person to person. The duration of the treatment, as well as the frequency and amount of treatments needed, can also influence how long you’ll see results.

  • Short-term: 2 weeks – 2 months
  • Medium-term: 2 months – 6 months

Can microneedling make hair loss worse?

There is no proof that hair restoration treatment can cause hair loss. However, if you are experiencing hair loss, it could help to prevent it from getting worse.

Can I wash my hair after microneedling?

You can wash your hair after microneedling. However, it is best to avoid washing your hair for at least 24 hours and 48 hours after the treatment so that the skin can heal properly.

Does hair restoration treatment promote hair growth?

It has been shown to promote hair growth in clinical studies. However, it is not a substitute for hair loss treatments and does not increase the number of hairs on your head. It is the best option if you are looking to prevent further hair loss or thicken your existing hair by creating more of a “space” for new growth to fill.

What should I avoid after microneedling my hair?

  • Avoid swimming.
  • Do not apply conditioner to your scalp for at least 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not use a hair dryer, straightener, curler, or brush on your scalp for the next 12 hours.
  • Do not apply any products with alcohol or peroxide to the area being treated for 48 hours after treatment, as this can irritate and burn the skin, causing scabs and scarring.

How long after microneedling will I see results?

The time frame depends on the person, but you should see results within a few weeks. The results are gradual and cumulative, so it’s essential to have regular treatments with hair restoration treatment.

You may need more treatments if you have fine hair than someone with thick hair.

Are microneedling results permanent?

Yes, the results are permanent. The key to maintaining your results is to continue using the products and devices recommended by your micro-needling practitioner. You must also ensure that you take all the vitamins and supplements prescribed by your practitioner.


In conclusion, we believe the hair restoration treatment process has much potential for hair restoration. It is moderately painless and can be done at home with minimal cost. The results are not permanent, but they seem promising enough to warrant further research into this field.

Best Medspa to treat Microneedling hair restoration in Memorial Houston, TX

Microneedling hair restoration treatment in Houston, TX
Best Medspa to treat Microneedling hair restoration in Memorial Houston, TX

If you’re looking for the best Medspa to treat microneedling hair restoration in Houston, TX, look no further than Clariti Medspa. Our Medspa specialist will work with you to achieve the best possible results.

Please schedule a consultation today to see how we can help you achieve the hair you’ve always wanted.