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Chemical peels in Houston, Tx

Chemical peels in Houston, Tx

Chemical peels in Houston, Tx

Chemical peels in Houston, Tx, use a chemical solution to improve the texture and tone of the skin by removing the damaged outer layers.

While these peels are most commonly used on the face, they can also be used to improve the skin of the neck and hands. Sun exposure, acne, or simply ageing can leave the skin tone uneven, wrinkled, mottled, or scarred.

This is one of the cheapest ways to improve the appearance of your skin. The possible result of the peel depends on the type of chemical product and the technique used.

Benefits of chemical peels treatment in Houston, Tx

  • They help reduce wrinkles. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal smoother, healthier-looking skin. Depending on your cosmetic goals, we choose between a light, medium, or deep peel.
  • You can fix sun damage. Did you know that one of the biggest culprits of premature ageing is UV exposure? Fortunately, It can help repair and reverse the signs of sun damage to your face, neck, and hands. It is imperative to wear sunscreen daily to maintain the results of your treatment.
  • It can help improve acne. During a light peel, your skin is exfoliated with an alpha or beta hydroxy acid. Done in a series of treatments, these peels can improve mild to moderate acne and give you the clear complexion you’ve always wanted. It can improve the appearance of scars. Moderate peels can treat both superficial acne and minor scars.
  • One of the main benefits of chemical peel is better skin tone and texture. In addition to addressing skin problems, It also encourages the growth of fresh, new skin. This will improve the overall look and texture of your skin, giving you a beautiful glow.
  • It can solve pigment problems. This skin treatment is a great way to correct pigmentation problems such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, and age spots. It can be effective for face, hand, neck, and chest pigmentation.

Who Should Get Chemical Peel Treatment in Houston, Tx?

Anyone can be a good candidate for one of these treatments, but they are best for people whose skin appears dull or aged or who want to get rid of sun spots, wrinkles, or acne.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor or Medspa provider before undergoing any of these treatments if it interferes with your pregnancy. In general, peels are exceptionally safe and effective treatments for almost everyone.

What conditions does a chemical peel treat?

Whether you have small irregularities in skin pigmentation, light scars, or fine wrinkles that show your age, you can improve the appearance of your skin with a peel.

These acid solutions are great for minor skin problems but aren’t designed for deep wrinkles, sagging skin, or severe scarring. However, if you have any of the following skin conditions, It can make a noticeable difference.

  • Acne Superficial peels, such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid, can be very effective in treating mild to moderate acne because they only penetrate the outer layer of the skin and can release surface cells. These solutions also contain anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce oil secretion and clogged pores.
  • Scars If you have a mild scar that disfigures your face, It can reduce its appearance and feel. Gago Wellness’s professional beauticians will determine the depth and size of your scar and create a custom blend of chemicals just for you.
  • Crow’s feet When you smile and smile, it shows all over your face, including your eyes. But the little lines that are there, even when you’re not smiling, show something else. Those fine lines, also known as crow’s feet, are among the first signs of ageing and appear when the skin loses its elasticity.

Is a chemical peel good for all skin types?

If fine lines and scars are ageing you unnecessarily, a peel could make you look years younger. These simple procedures work by shedding damaged skin cells and bringing newer, healthier cells to the surface.

They have the ability to reduce wrinkles and remove blemishes – some may even be effective in improving precancerous lesions. These are generally safe, but there are potential complications, and not all chemical peels are suitable for all skin types.

There are three different levels of peels: soft, medium, and deep. Gentle treatments, such as glycolic acid peels, are suitable for many skin types and give the skin a smoother and more radiant appearance. These peels have less chance of negative side effects and only remove the top layers of damaged skin, but you will likely need more treatments to get the results you are looking for.

However, keep in mind that even the mildest peel will still use an acid to remove the layers of skin from the face or body. There is always the possibility of discolouration or scarring.

Medium peels, such as the popular trichloroacetic acid peel, only go a little deeper than mild peels. A major benefit is the reduction of fine lines, an effect that light peels generally do not produce. Disadvantages include a greater likelihood of complications and increased sensitivity to sunlight.

Medium peels are popular for their versatility – doctors can mix strengths for many skin types. Those with darker skin will likely get the best results with a medium scrub..

Phenolic peels, commonly called deep peels, are not for everyone. The explanation is in the name. A deep peel removes multiple layers of skin and can have dramatic results.

What are the types of chemical peels in Houston, Tx?

What are the types of chemical peels in Houston, Tx?

What are the types of chemical peels in Houston, Tx?

Glycol Peel

A glycolic peel provides excellent exfoliation. It is also sometimes called fruit peel. This peel is usually used to treat skin conditions such as mild scars, wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as blackheads, whiteheads, and uneven skin texture. It is a skin of medium depth.

Salicylic acid peel

A salicylic acid peel is usually superficial and has a gentle exfoliating action. After the treatment, our patients notice a visible glow, shrunken pores, and an improved skin texture.

Lactic Acid Peels

Lactic Acid Peels are derived from milk and fight wrinkles and pigmentation spots. They come in light (superficial), medium, and deep varieties. Although many lactic acid peels can be purchased without a prescription, it is best to opt for a professional lactic acid peel.

Mandelic acid peel

A mandelic acid peel is very similar to glycolic and lactic acid peels. The perfect choice for those undergoing a chemical peel treatment for the first time. A mandelic acid peel has antibacterial properties that make it an excellent remedy for acne-prone skin. An almond scrub can also be used to treat fine lines and sun damage.

Cosmelan Peel

Cosmelan is an advanced peeling treatment effective on dark spots that have not resolved after topical application of traditional skin lightening products.

TCA Peel

The Trichloroacetic Acid Peel is a medium-depth peeling. It is often used to treat skin conditions such as acne and melasma scars. A TCA peel works by removing dead skin cells and encouraging the growth of new, healthier cells.

How are chemical peels performed?

The first step in peeling is deep cleansing. This is done by exfoliating the skin or using a microdermabrasion treatment to completely remove surface oil and dirt from the skin so that the chemicals can penetrate well. In the next step, solutions such as glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid or carbolic acid (phenol) are applied to tiny areas of skin to create a tight wound.

Controlled. This application of chemicals causes a burning sensation that lasts about five to ten minutes; then, the skin burns. Cool compresses and analgesics relieve the patient, especially after a deep peeling.

What does your face look like after a peel?

During the primary few days, you’ll notice dryness, irritation, and slight swelling. Two to a few days – Your skin may appear flaky or flaky, and discolouration or blemishes may temporarily be more noticeable.

Three to four days – you will notice breakouts or find that the skin looks tanned or slightly darker than usual.

What are the risks and possible side effects of a chemical peel?

Common side effects of peels include burning, redness, and peeling of the skin, and these should be expected in any patient undergoing a     peel. Side effects are due to the chemical action of peels, which removes the old top layer of skin to reveal new, fresher skin.

Patients should be informed about the potential side effects of peeling prior to peel treatment to reduce their anxiety and help them make an informed decision about the procedure.

Sting and burn

It will cause a stinging or burning sensation on the treated skin upon contact with the AHA, TCA, or phenol solution. Even the lightest AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) peel can cause a temporary sting.

Most patients do not find the burning sensation painful, and some patients even describe it in favourable terms.

Temporary redness

The strength of the solution used for the peel will determine how much redness will appear and how long the redness will last.

An AHA skin peel may not cause any redness in some patients, while a TCA (medium) peel should cause significant redness that can last for weeks.

Flaking and peeling

Exfoliation and peeling are normal side effects of these peels that are temporary and relatively minor. A patient should not pick up flakes and peeling skin, as removing peeling skin before it is ready can lead to infection and scarring.

Cost of chemical peels in Houston, Tx

The price of chemical peeling varies from one medspa to another. If you want the best treatment and price, contact Clariti Medspa.


Is A Chemical Peel Good For All Skin Types?

These are generally safe treatments in Medspa in Houston, tx, but there are potential complications, and not all peels are suitable for all skin types.

How Long Do Chemical Peels Last?

The results of peels can last anywhere from a month to the rest of your life. The longevity of the results of peels depends on several factors, but the most crucial factor is the strength of the peel. A light or superficial peel gives results that usually last one to two months.

Can You See Results After 1 Peel?

You will notice a visible improvement in your skin after a peel, but the best results are achieved with multiple treatments over time.

Why Is My Face Shiny After A Chemical Peels Treatment?

The skin then appears shiny because the light easily bounces off the skin. Even if the skin has been exfoliated too much, powder and liquid

Do Chemical Peels Make You Age Faster?

These peels do not cause premature ageing of the skin. Despite what you may have read or heard, I don’t think peels or lasers cause premature ageing.

On the contrary, they help reduce premature ageing, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, discolouration, and sagging skin.

Will Chemical Peels Remove Blackheads?

In addition to extractions, these peels at the spa or in-office help get rid of stubborn blackheads. Exfoliation is a great way “to increase cell turnover and prevent clogged pores, which helps leave skin clear and decongested.

How Many Treatments Do You Need For Chemical Peels?

Superficial peels are the mildest; it can take up to five sessions for a person to see the desired results. People may have superficial peels every 3-5 weeks.

Who Should Not Get Chemical Peels Treatment?

You may not be a good candidate for a peel if you: have a history of abnormal skin scarring. A naturally dark complexion or complexion. A tendency for extra pigmentation of your scars.

Is Chemical Peels Treatment Permanent?

The results of peels can last anywhere from a month to the remainder of your life. The longevity of the results of a peel depends on several factors, but the foremost necessary factor is the strength of the peel.

A light or superficial peel gives results that typically last one to 2 months. The results of a medium peel last between two and six months and therefore, the results of a deep peel last forever.

How long before an event should I get chemical peels?

Most certified plastic surgeons recommend multiple peels, preferably every six weeks for several months. Then visit your plastic surgeon at least six months before the day of the event to map out the treatment schedule.

Best Medspa to Get Chemical peels in Houston, Tx

Best Medspa to Get Chemical peels in Houston, Tx

Best Medspa to Get Chemical peels in Houston, Tx

Clariti Medspa is the best Medspa to offer various chemical peels in Houston, Tx, that can help you achieve the youthful look you desire. We offer a variety of treatments that can help you achieve the youthful look you desire.

Our team of highly trained and experienced Medspa professionals will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, or sun damage, book an appointment with our Clariti Medspa to achieve your goals.