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Dysport Injection in Houston, TX

Dysport Injection in Houston, TX
Dysport Injection in Houston, TX

The Dysport injection is a muscle relaxant that acts as a neuromuscular blocking agent. It works by blocking nerve signals to the injected muscles, which causes them to relax. Dysport injection has many Benefits. It is used to treat wrinkles around the face and neck caused by repetitive facial movements and can also be used for treating eye wrinkles and crow’s feet; however, this product should not be used as a substitute for cosmetic surgery.

  • Its Invisible Fill
  • It is a non-surgical injectable.

Dysport injections can be used on patients who may not be able to undergo surgery due to their existing health conditions. They’re also safer than surgical procedures because they don’t involve cutting or stitching!

Dysport injection Benefits

Benefits of Dysport injection in Houston, TX, involve:

1. It can spread evenly.

Dysport injections are very easy to apply because they have a consistent needle diameter of 0.5 mm, meaning there won’t be any unevenness in depth when injecting into specific muscles.

This drug is straightforward to remove from your face after treatment in any medspa because all you need is water or soap, and water; no rubbing is necessary! It only takes about 2 minutes for it all to come off with just one washcloth, too–no scrubbing needed whatsoever.

2. It’s Getting Lasting Results

Dysport injections are a long-lasting treatment. The results can last up to 4 months and sometimes even longer.

It can also last up to 3 months, the average length of time it will take for your body to get rid of any excess muscles.

In some cases, you may need to have more than one injection during this period if your muscles start becoming stronger again after about 2 or 3 months. This usually happens when you don’t exercise regularly and are not staying active enough to maintain your look from Dysport injections.

3. It Can Prevent Wrinkles

The Dysport injection Benefits prevent wrinkles from forming, becoming more visible, and becoming more pronounced. In other words, the infusion of Dysport will prevent new wrinkles.

The injection of Dysport is an excellent option for people looking to prevent wrinkles from forming on their skin.

4. No Downtime

The procedure is quick & straightforward, with minimal downtime. You can continue to live your daily life as usual and resume normal activities immediately following the treatment.

Many patients can return to work the same day and resume exercise within 24 hours of receiving Dysport injections.*

5. More Refined Treatments

The Dysport injection Benefits involve another botulinum toxin type, but it is a more refined version than Botox. It also has a longer half-life than Xeomin, which means that your effects will last longer, and you can get the same results with fewer injections.

6. It maintains younger-looking skin.

Dysport injections are a versatile treatment that can treat various skin conditions, from wrinkles and frown lines to hemifacial spasms. In addition to helping maintain younger-looking skin, Dysport is often used for treating cervical dystonia, which can be debilitating without proper treatment and medication.

This allows you to keep your natural facial expression as before you started experiencing signs of aging, such as deep lines between the eyebrows or crow’s feet around the eyes.

7. It can treat muscle spasms.

Dysport injections are an excellent alternative to Botox injections. Because they can treat muscle spasms.

Dysport is made by the same company that manufactures Botox and has many of the same benefits. For example, Dysport can relax the muscles in your face while also reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it usually takes one to three days to see results after a Dysport injection.

8. It is a Versatile Treatment

Dysport is a versatile treatment that can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Benefits of Dysport injection include treating muscle spasms, dermatological and aesthetic requirements, cervical dystonia, and more.

9. Less pain

The medication is injected into the muscles rather than delivered directly to the nerves or joints. This causes less pain during and after the procedure because there is no direct contact with nerves or bones that may cause discomfort once injected into your body.

10. Faster recovery time

In addition to being less painful, Dysport injections are known to have faster recovery times compared to other procedures like Botox because they don’t affect as many areas in your body at once

11. Natural Appearance

The treatment can also reduce facial creases caused by chronic dry eye or uncontrolled blinking. Dysport is a cleansed form of botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring protein that can help block signals from reaching your nerves. This blocks the messages sent from your brain to your facial muscles, preventing them from contracting and causing fine lines on your face.

The result is a natural-looking appearance with no visible signs you’ve had any treatments!

12. Smooth Consistency

Dysport’s consistency is smooth, making it easy to administer and control. It can be easily spread over the target area, making it easy to control the amount of product used.

13. Preventative Qualities

Dysport can be used for skin aging and discoloration as a preventative cosmetic treatment. The injection of Dysport into the facial muscles creates a smooth and supple effect that can last up to 4 months on average.

The results of Dysport are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional; preventing the contraction of facial movement muscles prevents sagging or wrinkling.

14. Gives Stronger Effects

Dysport is a newer version of Botox. It has a longer-lasting effect than Botox, meaning that the effects last up to four months.

Dysport also has a more refined effect; it’s recommended for people who want very subtle changes in their appearance and for those who want to smooth out inevitable wrinkles or lines on their faces.

15. Improves the Quality of Life

Dysport injections can improve your quality of life for you. Dysport is a versatile treatment that can treat neuromodulators, dermatological and aesthetic conditions, cervical dystonia, and more.

Dysport is a natural substance that works by blocking the action of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter in nerves that causes muscle contraction. This means that your muscles will remain relaxed, allowing them to move smoother and more freely throughout the body.

Dermatological and Aesthetic Condition Treatment in Houston, TX

Dysport is a purified botulinum toxin type A, produced using a patented manufacturing process. It can be used to treat dermatological and aesthetic conditions such as:

Dermatological and Aesthetic Condition Treatment in Houston, TX
Dermatological and Aesthetic Condition Treatment in Houston, TX

1. Acne

Dysport can be used to treat acne, such as:

2. Skin tone

It can treat Cervical Dystonia

Dysport injections can also treat cervical dystonia, a neurological condition that causes involuntary muscle contractions in the neck and throat. This can lead to pain, difficulty swallowing, and occasional headaches.

Dysport injections effectively treat this condition because they relax your muscles by blocking signals from your nerves that tell them to contract.

No serious side effects

Injectables are safe, with no severe side effects. The most common side effect is bruising or swelling at the injection site, which typically goes away within a week. Some patients may experience an allergic reaction to the Dysport injection; if this happens, they should contact their doctor immediately.

Injection sites can also become infected if you do not follow all of your medspa professional or healthcare provider’s post-injection guidelines.

Procedure is Inexpensive

The cost of Dysport injections varies depending on the area being treated. It is comparable to other treatments and is often more affordable than Botox because it lasts longer and requires fewer injections.

In addition, if you are looking for a good option for people who can’t afford other treatments, Dysport is often less expensive than other options.

Works When Other Treatments Fail

Dysport is a treatment that can be used as an alternative to Botox. In some cases, Dysport injections are more effective than Botox and can be used to treat muscle spasms or other conditions that may not respond well to other treatments.

If you have tried Botox and it did not work for you, then Dysport might be your next option. If you are looking for something more effective than Botox but do not want surgery or injections into the scalp, Dysport may be suitable for your needs.


Dysport is an excellent option for people looking to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. It also supports other skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and scars.

If you’re interested in getting Dysport injections, talk with your doctor about whether this is right for you.


Will the benefits of Dysport injection include a younger appearance?

After a few weeks, you should see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your wrinkles and lines. Dysport is not a substitute for a facelift or other procedures to remove excess skin, but it can make you look younger for a short period.

At what age should you get a Dysport injection in Houston, TX?

Age is not a characteristic when it comes to the use of Dysport. The cosmetic treatment is suitable for all ages, including children and teenagers. Men and women can also use this treatment for people with all skin types, skin tones, and ethnicities.

How long does it take for a Dysport injection to kick in?

It lasts up to 4 months, but this varies based on your skin. The initial results of Dysport may last up to 3 months, but some patients have reported that their effects lasted longer than four months.

You’ll need touch-ups every 3-4 months for the best results, but you can see your doctor for a consultation if you want to know whether or not you need further treatments after that time frame.

Does the Dysport injection treatment hurt?

No. While Dysport can be slightly uncomfortable at first, it’s not painful. Most patients don’t even feel any discomfort at all after the injection!

Dysport works differently than Botox in that it doesn’t relax the muscles—it just blocks nerve impulses from reaching them.

How Long Is Dysport Injection Recovery?

Dysport is a temporary cosmetic treatment that lasts anywhere from 3-4 months, after which it wears off gradually.

The effects of Dysport wear off gradually over time as the muscles relax and return to their usual position. After Dysport injections, you should not experience any adverse reactions for at least 24 hours afterward.

Can I repeat the Dysport injection treatment?

If you choose to repeat the treatment, it is essential that you make an appointment with a doctor and not attempt to treat yourself.

Dysport is a prescription medication and should be used only by those who have been prescribed it by a qualified doctor.

Once your Dysport treatment has worn off, your muscles will be relaxed for about six months before they return to their normal state of tension. This means that if you want another cosmetic procedure in the future (e.g., Botox), it would need to happen when your muscles are at rest again—after six months from the last time you received Dysport injections or Botox injections.

What makes Dysport injection wear off faster?

The following are some of the more ordinary reasons why Dysport may not last as long as you would like:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Excessive sun exposure (within 2-4 weeks after injection)
  • Lack of sleep (less than 6 hours per night)
  • Too much stress, anxiety, or depression

What should you not do after getting the benefits of a Dysport injection?

  • Do not exercise the day after the injection.
  • Don’t rub the area.
  • Don’t get it wet for at least one day. If you’re washing your face, don’t let water drip into your nose or mouth.
  • Don’t apply make-up to the area for two days (or more). This can cause bruising and swelling, which can take a while to go away.

Best Medspa to Get Dysport Injection in Houston, TX

Best Medspa to Get Dysport Injection in Houston, TX
Best Medspa to Get Dysport Injection in Houston, TX

Clariti Aesthetics & Wellness is the best medspa for a Dysport injection in Houston, TX. Our Medspa staff is highly trained and experienced in administering Dysport injections, and they will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.

Dysport is a safe & effective way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and Clariti Aesthetics & Wellness is the best medspa to get it done. Visit us immediately for a relaxing treatment.