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Spider Veins Treatment Types & Benefits

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Spider veins treatment in Houston, TX

What are spider veins in Houston, TX?

Spider veins are bulges in the vein that branch out due to weakness or damage in the veins. It looks like red or blue spider webs or branches of a tree close to the surface of your skin.

They mostly occur at the back of the leg, on the feet, and face but can also appear anywhere on the body.

These are not usually painful but can make you feel uncomfortable in the midst of other people.

Type of Spider Veins Treatment in Memorial Houston, TX

Spider Veins Treatment

The various treatment options include:


This involves injecting an irritant directly into the spider vein. The irritant makes the veins stick together and keeps blood from flowing into the area. It can also reduce swelling and make the vein shrink. The spider vein fades or disappears over time.

Closure system

The closure system involves injecting a sticky substance into the spider vein. This substance closes the vein off from blood flow. The spider vein fades or disappears over time.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment involves directing a laser light into the spider vein. The laser light causes the spider vein to clot and dry up.

Laser treatments are less invasive than sclerotherapy and closure systems but are typically less effective in treating spider veins.

Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT)

EVLT involves applying heat directly to the spider vein, causing it to collapse. The vein then fades out or disappears over time.

It is a surgical procedure that involves making a small incision in the affected vein and then inserting a laser fiber into the vein.

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are worn to apply pressure on the veins in the lower legs to help improve blood flow. This can help prevent spider veins from getting worse. It can also help relieve leg swelling and lower the risk of blood clots.

Prescription compression stockings are best recommended for use. However, they may not be suitable for some people, including individuals with heart failure or other heart problems.

Benefits of Spider Veins Treatment in Memorial Houston, TX

Less Pain

Having spider veins treatment can help relieve any form of pain that you might have been experiencing. Spider veins treatment can help shrink and make them disappear.

More Movement

This may impact your movements in some ways. Spider vein treatment can help improve your mobility. You will have better use of your legs and won’t experience any difficulty in movement after being treated.

Your Appearance Will Improve

There are red or blue in color. They spread out like spider webs on your legs or face. They can negatively impact the appearance of your legs or face. You may feel very uncomfortable in the midst of people if you have spider veins, especially on your face.

Spider veins treatment can help eliminate spider veins from your face and other parts of your body to improve your appearance. You will feel more comfortable and confident in the midst of people.

You Can Live a More Active Lifestyle

It may negatively impact your life in many ways. It can affect your social life, mobility, and other areas of your life. It can reduce your confidence and you may not like to associate with other people.

Having spider vein treatment can help address all these negative impacts caused by spider veins. This treatment in medspa can help clear out spider veins from your face, making you more confident and happy with yourself. It helps you become more sociable and have the confidence to interact with other people. You will be able to live a more active lifestyle.

You’ll Get Better Sleep

Symptoms of spider veins can get worse at night and affect your sleep. You may find it difficult to sleep due to increased leg pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. You may feel aching and throbbing pain and discomfort.

Spider vein treatment can help provide better sleep by addressing these uncomfortable symptoms.


Is it worth it to treat spider veins?

Yes. Spider veins could get worse if not treated. They don’t go away on their own. It is important to get spider veins treated to prevent them from getting worse and to make them disappear from areas of your body where they’re located.

Does treatment for spider veins work?

Yes. There are treatments for spider veins that are tested and proven to be effective. Most spider veins disappear after treatments. You may need to have multiple treatment sessions over some weeks or months for the spider vein to completely disappear.

How often do you need to treat?

How often you need to treat spider veins depends on the specific treatment and severity of your condition. You may need to have multiple treatment sessions every week or two weeks. Spider veins usually disappear after treatment in 3 to 6 weeks.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of spider vein treatment varies depending on the specific treatment, severity of your condition, the expertise of the medspa provider, and location. The cost of spider veins treatment can be anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

What age do spider veins start?

They are common in females, though they also develop in males. Spider veins can develop in both young and old people. It can develop in females in their teens, 20s, and above.

How long does spider vein treatment last?

Spider vein treatment can last for weeks to months. You may need to have 2-3 treatment sessions. After treatment, spider veins usually disappear in 3-6 weeks.

Is one session of spider vein treatment enough?

Just one treatment session may not be enough to completely clear out spider veins. However, one treatment session may be enough if your spider veins are not severe. Your doctor or medspa provider will let you know if only one treatment session is enough or not, depending on the severity of your spider vein.

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Best Med Spa to get Spider Veins Treatment in Memorial Houston, TX

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