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Body contouring

The Essential Steps to Take Before Body Contouring

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Body Contouring in Houston, TX

What to Do Before Body Contouring in Houston, TX
What to Do Before Body Contouring in Houston, TX

Body Contouring is a cosmetic procedure performed to reshape specific parts of your body to achieve your desired body shape. This contouring is done to enhance the shape and appearance of your body. It can also help tighten loose skin and make the skin firmer.

It’s essential to prepare correctly before having a contouring procedure. In this article, we will share with you what to do before your body contouring procedure to ensure that you achieve your contouring goals and lower your risk of complications.

Preparing For The Body Contouring in Houston, TX

The following are what to do in preparation for the procedure.


The first thing to do after deciding that you want to get contouring done is to schedule an initial consultation with your provider. It is during your consultation with your provider that you will know more about the treatment. You can ask questions about the treatment and also ask about the qualification and experience of your provider.

You can also ask your provider if the treatment is right for you or not. Everything you need to know about body contouring should be discussed during your consultation.

Discussing Expectations and Goals

Another thing to do before body contouring procedure is to discuss your expectations and goals with your provider. It’s essential to share what you expect and your desired results with your provider before the contouring procedure. It would help if you aimed for realistic results to avoid disappointment. Your provider will also discuss with you what you should expect from your treatment. Your provider might show you “before and after” pictures of what you’re to expect after the treatment.

When your provider knows your body sculpting goals, he or she will work with you to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Reviewing The Medical History And Current Medications

Before Body Contouring, your provider will review your medical history and current medications to know if you’re an ideal candidate for the treatment. While most patients waste no time in sharing their current prescriptions with their providers, more often than not, they fail to share the medications and supplements that they’re taking.

People with certain medical conditions and who are taking certain medications may not be ideal candidates for this treatment. It’s important to share all the medications that you’re currently taking with your provider before your treatment procedure. There are some supplements and medications that can interfere with your desired results.

Ensure that you inform your provider about your medical history and the medications that you’re currently taking before your treatment procedure.

Scheduling Tests And Preoperative Appointments

The last things to do in preparation before body contouring treatment procedure are scheduling tests and preoperative appointments. There are specific tests that need to be done to evaluate your health condition before the procedure. You need to schedule a preoperative appointment so that your provider can confirm the date of your appointment to have your body contouring procedure.

The Benefits of Losing Weight Before Body Contouring

The Benefits of Losing Weight Before Body Contouring in Houston, TX
The Benefits of Losing Weight Before Body Contouring in Houston, TX

If you’re overweight, it is important that you shed some weight before having contouring. There are various benefits that losing weight before body contouring can provide.

Improved Surgical Outcomes

One of the benefits you get from losing weight before a body contouring procedure is better surgical outcomes. Losing weight before having body sculpting makes the entire process much safer and guarantees an improved outcome.

Better Body Shape and Contour

It also helps that losing weight before body contouring allows you to get a better body shape and contour. Losing weight means that fat around various parts of your body is being shed thereby providing better body shape and contours.

Reduced Risks And Complications

Another benefit you get from losing weight before body contouring procedure is that it lowers risks and complications. Patients with reduced body weight experience much lesser risks and difficulties when they have treatments.

Choosing the Right dermatologist

Consider the following factors to select the right dermatologist for your body sculpting procedure.

Qualifications And Experience

One of the significant factors to consider when choosing a dermatologist for the treatment procedure is qualifications and experience. You should select a board-certified plastic dermatologist with years of expert patient body contouring procedures for patients.

Reputation And Reviews

Another thing to consider is reputation and reviews. You can know this by searching for the dermatologists patients’ online reviews to understand what patients say about the aesthetician. You should also review their social media profile to learn about the aesthetician’s reputation and reviews.

Before And After Photos

Analyzing the dermatologist galleries for before and after photos of past patients also help a lot in discovering if the aesthetician is right for you or not. Going through before and after pictures will let you know if the aesthetician is skilled enough to provide you with the desired results.

Communication And Rapport

Discussing with the aesthetician by scheduling an initial consultation can tell you a lot about the dermatologist. Observe how the aesthetician treats you and prioritize your body goals. You should also look if the aesthetician cares about you and your body’s concerns to provide you with a good treatment option or if the aesthetician doesn’t. This will help you in choosing the right aesthetician for you.

Understanding the Risks and Complications

Types of Procedures And Their Risks


A procedure used to remove unwanted fats in difficult locations that dieting and exercising can’t get rid of, such as love handles. The risk associated with this procedure includes infection, numbness, fat embolism, contour irregularities, and fluid accumulation.


This procedure is carried out to restore flatter, firmer, and toned waste. Associated risk includes scarring, tissue damage, bleeding, and anesthesia risk.

Body Lift

Cosmetic procedures aim to tighten body tissues and sagging skin and to lift certain body parts such as the butt, breast, face, and thigh. Body lift is linked to risks aside from anesthesia risks. The risks include blood clots, asymmetries, scarring, and tissue death.


A Non Surgical body sculpting procedure that involves using a device to freeze fat cells until they’re destroyed and eliminated from the body naturally. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, but it’s associated with mild to moderate risks like mild pain, bruising, aches, and redness.

Anesthesia And Its Effects

This contouring usually requires anesthesia to prevent pain during the procedure. Anesthesia is relatively safe when administered accurately. Some people may be allergic to the anesthesia used.

The effects of anesthesia include a temporary loss of consciousness, and allergic reactions such as dizziness, rashes, nausea, and headache.

Postoperative Care And Recovery

After your treatment procedure, there are certain instructions that you should follow to care for the treatment areas and recover faster.  

  • Recovery after a body sculpting procedure takes time, so give yourself enough time to heal.
  • Discomfort is part of the healing process, but you can easily manage it using your aesthetician prescription.
  • Wearing a compression garment after the procedure will speed up your healing.
  • Avoid being sedentary after the procedure and also avoid intense physical activities that involve bending, lifting, and straining.
  • Adhere strictly to all the postoperative instructions your aesthetician gives to you.


What Should I Expect During Recovery From Treatment?

Recovery varies depending on the type of procedure done. Generally, you should expect soreness for a few weeks after the treatment. You will also experience some level of discomfort. It will take some time before you can get back to doing your regular daily activities.

How Can I Maintain The Results of This Treatment?

You can maintain your body sculpting results by not gaining back weight. Maintaining a healthy diet, drinking water frequently, and exercising regularly can help you maintain your contouring results.

How Much Does Cost of Body Contouring in Houston, TX?

Body contouring in Houston, Tx can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the medspa provider and your location.

What Are Financing Options Available For Body Contouring in Houston, TX?

Many practices have partnered with companies like CareCredit, and PatientFi to help fund out-of-pocket procedures like body sculpting. You pay back with interest every month over a specified period.

Are The Results of Body Contouring Permanent?

The results of body contouring procedures last for a long time and can even be permanent if you maintain a healthy body weight.

Clariti Aesthetics & Wellness: Best Medspa to get Body Contouring in Houston, TX

Best Med Spa to get Body Contouring in Houston, TX
Best Medspa to get Body Contouring in Houston, TX

If you’re considering having body contouring in Houston, Tx, you should seek a trained and experienced professional like Clariti Aesthetics & Wellness Medspa Houston, Tx.

Clariti Aesthetics & Wellness is the best medspa to get your body contouring done in Houston, TX. We have qualified and experienced skin care professionals that prioritize you and are committed to helping you achieve your body goals.

Get in touch with us or book an appointment to achieve your dream body, boost your self-confidence, and start enjoying the perks of having that ideal body that you’ve always desired.